FFR Customer Art Kelly Kicks Off the Show Season in Pensacola

Reaction to Factory Fives at the 32nd Annual Mustang and All Ford Show

Along with the race season getting under way, so is the show season and we’ve already gotten feedback from customers about Factory Five’s taking the spotlight at local shows. Customer Art Kelly sent us a message describing not only how he won an award, but how his Factory Five Roadster was swarmed by attendees for the entire event.

I entered my MK3 FFR Roadster in the judged Special Interest category at the 32nd annual Mustang and All Ford Show at Pensacola Fairgrounds this past weekend. The activity around the car was really remarkable. It seemed like everyone had seen the recent program about Factory Five on speed Channel. Every single response to the program and the FFR product was very positive. I shared my own experience and information about the Company with dozens of interested men and women.

This enthusiasm was very pronounced in several and they seem ready to make a decision to join the ranks of the many happy Roadster owners. I can truly say I was proud to have built what, I overheard one man tell his female companion, is the BEST kit car car company, bar none!! Other car owners located near my area even remarked on how the spectators were flocking around the MK3 and snapping pictures of the car and posing next to it. It was great to see the kids faces as they sat in the driver’s seat while mom and dad snapped pictures.

Thank you everyone at Factory Five for providing these happy memories.”

Art Kelly
Birmingham, AL

Congratulations on a great show Art!