FFR Customer Joe L.’s Coyote Powered Mk4 Featured in Motorhead Magazine

In the November 22nd – December 20th, 2012 issue of Motorhead Magazine, Factory Five customer Joe L.’s Mk4 Roadster build was featured in an article by writer Ed Yessaian. The article focused mainly on Joe’s Ford 5.0L Coyote engine, which puts out 412 HP but “feels like double that in a car this small and light.”

Ed had been trying to catch Joe’s attention at a recent car show in Methuen, MA. “Finally, I didn’t have a group of people around me and neither did Joe, and I could embark on a rather thorough investigation of Joe’s unique and just plain awesome Factory Five car.”

Ed also had a lot of other great things to say about the Factory Five community. “I consider these kits to be a truly artistic expression of the owner’s individual taste,” said Ed, “and personality and the possibilities are just endless when you start with one of Factory Five’s kits at your disposal.”

Congratulations Joe on this great write-up on your fourth Factory Five build! You can check out more pictures of Joe’s latest build on The Factory Five Forum.