FFR Customer John Stewart Profiled in Kit Car Builder

Two Stunning Factory Five Mk3s in Colorado

John Stewart is a Factory Five customer who I spoke to a few years back. At the time, he was building a Vans airplane kit and he wanted to build a Factory Five. Better than that, he decided to build two of them – one for himself and one for his buddy Ray Reents.

This month’s issue of Kit Car Builder profiles this perfect pair of Roadsters and showcases John and Ray’s aircraft quality build talents.

The story is a good read and the cars are so good, they were the only C-car replicas covered in an issue entitled, “The Anti C-Car Issue!” (Jim decided to publish an issue dedicated to non-C-car replicas, but couldn’t resist putting John and Ray’s cars in there.)

Pick up your June 2011 issue of KCB on newstands and huge congrats to John and Ray!

Dave Smith

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