Ford’s Mighty 351W/427 Crate Motor Dynos 427 RWHP!

Our good friend Freddy at SMG Motoring Inc. had the chance to dyno tune the Factory Five Mk4 that was built by the All Women Team on PowerNation’s “Detroit Muscle” TV show.  The cool thing is that the stroked 351W displacing 427 ci. laid down a cool 427 RWHP and 460 lb.-ft. of torque!  Check out the video and Freddy’s report.


Freddy at SMG Motoring: “This year’s preparation for SEMA has definitely not been dull for the FFR guys, as I’m sure most of you have seen the photos of the cars that will be in this year’s booth. We got the call from FFR’s own Tony Z to get the All Girls Build Roadster tuned and dialed in before its departure for this years show. After getting the car dialed in Dave asked me if I would post some results of the tuning session and my experience with tuning this cars Edlebrock Pro-Flo2 fuel injection.

I want to touch briefly on dyno tuning before I tell you about the All Girls Build roadster. Though most of you may not have this particular fuel injection system the concept of tuning your roadster will be the same. Whether it is a carbureted setup, EFI setup, Stock Fox Body PCM or an aftermarket system like this car, they all deal with the same things: fuel, air, spark, and the right combination of each is what yields great performance and reliability. A common misconception or fear a lot of people have about chassis dyno’s is that the dyno will cause damage or hurt their car. It is actually the complete opposite. A chassis dyno is a very powerful tool that can be used to accurately aid in the tuning of an engine combination so that is does NOT get damaged when you are out enjoying it!


Above: “Detroit Muscle” TV show checks out the women’s engine install during the show.

Below: The All Women 427 Build Team left to right: Courtnie, CherieLynn, Karen, Jo, and Nan.


A lot of you had a chance to see the All Girls Build on Detroit Muscle when it aired on Spike TV but for those of you that didn’t here is a quick rundown. The car is a new MK4 roadster packed with a 351 based 427 c.i. engine tied to a TKO600 trans. Controlling the power plant is one of Edlebrocks newest fuel injection systems, the Pro-Flo2. Edlebrock offers complete kits for many popular engine combinations including Ford, Chevy and even some Mopar options. Those of you contemplating EFI for your roadster should not over look the Pro-Flo2 as an option. This system can not only be monitored, adjusted and tweaked by the end user once a base calibration is loaded but it can be custom tuned and mapped if your engine combination is a little more radical…which was the case for the All Girls Build cars.

Ford’s 351W/427 fills the Factory Five engine bay nicely, and Edlebrock’s fuel injection carb look-alike fuel injection system is trick.

Now down to the fun part. After strapping the car down to the dyno and doing some basic running through the gears, it was evident that the base map was quite rich during cruising. However when making the first wide open throttle run, which was cut short, it was found that the base map was actually quite lean and only put up mediocre horsepower and torque numbers. Dialing in a fuel map or timing map is not for the inexperienced but when done right can be very rewarding. After dialing in the cruising fuel tables and wide open fuel tables the horsepower and torque from the 427 started to shine. Adjusting the timing was the last thing on the checklist for this tuning session and the final results gave us a smile. And of course some awesome horsepower and torque; 427 hp to be exact, along with 460 tq at the rear wheels.”


Thanks Freddy for the great work, and thanks to Ford for an awesome engine!

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