Gary Trudeau Builds a Beautiful Mk4

FFR 4806K Prowls the Streets of Mt. Vernon, IN

Dave Smith (left) with customer Gary Trudeau and Dan and Rick from FFR Tech Support.

Factory Five customer Gary Trudeau stopped by today to show off his newly built Factory Five Mk4. It’s nice to see a good number of Mk4s out in the world as we launched the heavily revised Roadster version last year.

Gary used a 2003 Mustang donor with a DOHC 4.6L engine. He made a lot of really nice custom mods and ended up with an excellent driving street car. The red is 2011 Camaro red with silver stripes.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing the car at this year’s June 11th Open House event.

Dave Smith

Power steering, power brakes, fuel-injection, and lots of chrome make for a very nice street car.

Gary worked with Rick Masters in tech during his build.

Gary used a 2003 Mustang rear end which is quite wide. His solution – these really cool custom rims that give a deep dish look with a correct backspace.

The chrome bumpers and roll bars work very well with the red paint and silver stripes.

The DOHC 4.6L is not the most mechanically elegant engine, but drives so nicely.

The GM metallic red shows great in the sun and contrasts well with the graphite grey stripes.

Early Mk4 trunk, Gary added subwoofer, speakers, and battery terminal jacks.

Standard interior except for the stereo speakers.