Gemini Motorsports Installs a Terminator in the Type 65 Coupe

The crew at Gemini Motorsports in Houston, TX have recently completed the build of an absolutely beautiful Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. The crews lead fabricator and chief of design Jose said that they took Factory Five’s idea of a “blank canvas” and did some really cool things with the car. The item that immediately caught our eye was the 4.6L “Terminator” engine that they squeezed into the engine bay.

With a custom interior and a rear end with a hint of GR-1 concept car styling, this is a great example of how our customers make these cars all their own.

Jose reports that the car made 526 HP and 530 torque using a Steggmeir ported blower. Rear exit exhaust consist of hand built stainless steel long tube headers that tie into another one off full 3″ H pipe into two race style mufflers finished with 4″ angle rolled tips all stainless also. The car is equipped with 18×12 CCW wheel with 335/30/18 out back in front and 18×10 CCWs’ wrapped in 305/30/18 rubber. The brakes in front are Brembo 4 piston 13″ slotted rotors and the rear are Cobra 11.6″ slotted rotors with Cobra calipers.

Great job Jose and the crew at Gemini Motorsports!