Gen 3 Coupe Wins! Again!

After last month’s Top 10 finish at the Ultimate Track Car Challenge (see “Two under 2:00! Factory Five Rocks UTCC“), Factory Five customer John George scores two podium finishes at last weekend’s NASA-Northeast Races at New Jersey Motorsports Park!

John’s Gen 3 Coupe-R #48 (above) is continuing to run faster and faster.

“The first two wins in the new FFR#48 Daytona Coupe Gen 3 R! This past weekend NASA Northeast racers gathered at NJMP Thunderbolt and had some great racing. Sunday’s race was a very exciting three way battle for the overall lead in the Thunder race group pitting a Mazda RX7 vs C6 Corvette vs FFR Daytona Coupe Gen 3R slicing and dicing through traffic with the FFR Daytona Coupe Gen3R as the victor!” – John George

Check out the in-car video from Sunday’s race.

Congratulations to John George and his team for continuing a very successful 2017 race season in the newest Factory Five!

2 comments on “Gen 3 Coupe Wins! Again!

  1. Bob Thomas on

    Love watching John’s video, makes me feel a little like I’m on a ride along. I marvel at his consistency on the track with most of his laps falling within a second of each other. Last year I watched John win ST2 Nationals after a Corvette and BMW that had pulled out a lead took each other out. John’s FFR Roadster was at an aero disadvantage in that race. The race at NJMP saw the new Coupe forcing the same Corvette into a spin out by pressuring to pass in the Sunday race. The new chassis appears to be an awesome race car. Congrats to FFR on the achievement and John George for his awesome wheel work.

  2. MJBTV on

    Beautiful simply beautiful. I pray to get the ability to buy from Factory Five someday and start building those cars for myself and others.

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