Realizing Decades Old Dreams: Glynn B.’s Mk4

“I’m not a mechanic, but Factory Five Racing makes it so the average guy can do this. Anybody with enough money can buy another car, but I can tell you every square inch of this car; every nut, bolt, rivet. It’s the only car in the world where you don’t drive it, you wear it. The car exceeds my expectations, and I’ve raced SCCA, and had a bunch of muscle cars over the years.” – Glynn Barnes, Factory Five Mk4 Owner

From sunny Florida, Glynn B. began his journey building a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster that would span three years. Glynn fell in love with the car when he was 6 years old, and saw one at a gas station. His story is an inspiration to those chasing dreams that lay dormant for decades.

Glynn’s dream to build a kit car wasn’t entirely new either. 19 years ago, Glynn built a Factory Five Mk1 Roadster on a shoestring budget and sheer determination. It turned out awesome, but life had other plans. His two sons went off to college, and Glynn had to let go of his beloved car, a decision he regretted for 18 long years.

Inspiration came in the form of Factory Five President Dave Smith, who reignited Glynn’s enthusiasm during a tour of the company. Finally, after 18 years, Glynn pulled the trigger on his dream. The final catalyst was the Factory Five YouTube video on engines. He decided to install a small block 427 in his new Cobra.

The build went better than he could have ever imagined. Glynn loved every moment of it, fixing and perfecting every detail. He knew that to achieve perfection, you sometimes have to do more than just one build. His first build featured a Tremec 5-speed, a 302 engine, and brakes that he could afford at the time. Glynn’s new build features a small block 427 carbureted engine with a remarkable 5:1 power-to-weight ratio. He went with a Moser rear end, powder-coated the frame, and added custom cutouts. Everything was meticulously crafted and fine-tuned.

The story wasn’t just about the car; it was about the people who contributed to making it special. Mark Head, a big country boy from Folkston, Georgia, put his heart and soul into the $12,000 paint job. Glynn’s journey took him to Cruisin the Coast, where over 12,000 cars were registered, and he proudly joined the ranks with his unique Cobra.

Glynn fondly remembered the day he visited the Factory Five facility. “Your dad didn’t know I was coming, and we spent the next hour together, two car guys talking. I just drove 26 hours from Florida to pick up my kit. Just learning about how much Factory Five has progressed and evolved was fascinating.” he recalled.

Glynn doesn’t stop at his own satisfaction though. He envisions giving “Make-A-Wish” kids rides in his beloved Cobra, providing a ray of joy for those facing adversity.

As Glynn looks ahead, he dreams of new adventures like the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. He plans on spreading joy one ride at a time, and sharing his passion with the world, proving that dreams, no matter how long they are deferred, can become a reality.