Grassroots Motorsports Magazine 818S Build Article #8!

nov-2014-grm-coverThe November issue of Grassroots Motorsports features the final build part #8 of the magazine’s excellent 818S build series articles. In this section, the car that was built at Wayne Presley’s Very Cool Parts garage ends up on the track and doing commuter duty.

The crew from Grassroots Motorsports puts the car through its early teething-pain paces at the autocross track, on the road course, and also as a daily-work commuter in Florida.  The street testing didn’t have a soft top yet (we now offer a great soft top from  Rod Topz), but the light-weight, ample-turbo WRX-power, and agile handling won over the staff.

You can pick-up a copy of Grassroots Motorsports or log-on to their website for full details on the 818 project. Also, check out tons of videos updates at

Special thanks to Wayne Presely at Very Cool Parts, and to all of the sponsors who contributed parts to this fun project.

Dave Smith