GTM Prototype Code Name BLACKBIRD

FFR Customer Richard Hillerman’s Custom GTM Project

Factory Five customer Richard Hillerman has built a truly impressive, one-of-a-kind GTM. The car has been featured in numerous places such as the L.A. Auto Show, GoodGuys Shows, and has been used by Capstone Turbine Group to promote their micro-turbine engines…that’s right, the car is a turbine electric hybrid that uses a Capstone CMT-380 turbine to charge an electric fuel cell to power the electric final drive. Very impressive stuff.

Richard has printed a book that documents the build process and driving of the vehicle. The photos here are from the book and after a quick read, the degree to which Richard has gone in his build is truly exceptional. Congratulation on a remarkable design exercise and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

If you visit Factory Five, there’s a copy of the book in our show room.
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