Happy Halloween from Customer Kevin V. and Indiana Bones!

We’re feeling spooky here at Factory Five Racing! Happy Halloween from customer Kevin V. and his Factory Five Mk1 Roadster co-pilot, “Indiana Bones” who can move his head and arm to say hi by remote control.

Kevin, an elected Clark County Councilman for 14 years, loves his Factory Five Mk1. He says, ”My car is a Mk1 chassis with a Mk2 body, and is a favorite in local parades. It is 20 years old, with over 38k miles, original paint, and drivetrain. I drive it every nice day, for any reason. I’m retired, and found out in August that I have Stage 4 Melanoma cancer. Fortunately, the immunotherapy and brain radiation are working, and shrinking my tumors. I believe my FFR keeps my mind busy, and helps fight the disease.”

Besides a Councilman, Kevin was a private pilot, and when he stopped piloting he bought his FFR! Kevin added, “Isn’t it odd how we can close one door in life and another door opens? That car is my favorite!”

This Halloween, Kevin is taking a trip to the West Coast, and when he “put out a feeler in the FFR community” asking if anyone would take him for a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway in California while he was visiting, ”Customer Michael B. volunteered with his (same color as mine) FFR Roadster of Glenwood, California. The FFR family is vast!”

Keep up the miles of smiles Kevin. We’re certain that Indiana Bones won’t let your time away get under his skin! Happy Halloween!

Photography by Leah Lowe