Help Design the Next Factory Five!

First Place Wins $5,000 in FFR-GRM Body Design Competition

Factory Five Racing is giving you the opportunity to join the ranks of automotive artists like Giugiaro Bertone and Pininfarina with our Factory Five-Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Design Competition. Your job is to sketch, draw, or otherwise develop a concept shape to pair with our new mid-engine roadster chassis.

The chassis is mostly complete, so the focus of your design should be on the SHAPE of the new car. Submissions must follow the wheelbase, track, estimated vehicle dimensions, and other measurements highlighted in the design templates linked below.

The new WRX-based Factory Five Sports Car will use a full tubular space frame (early CAD design shown above).

Participants must submit entries as e-mail attachments in either .PDF or .JPG format. Entries are not required to be created digitally, but non-digital submissions will have to be scanned into a required file format for contest entry. Entrants are required to submit their designs to before midnight, June 1, 2011.

The Car:

The car is based on Subaru WRX running gear and has been in development for almost a year. With a space frame designed and tested on SolidWorks software, this single-donor car is projected to sell for $9,900 as a build-it-yourself kit. We will use our 15 years of accumulated design and manufacturing skills to deliver a “world car” that can be COMPLETED for less than $15,000.

  • Single Donor Subaru WRX Running Gear
  • Factory Five Space Frame Chassis, 95-inch wheelbase
  • Mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive configuration
  • Target weight of 1800 pounds.
  • Two-seater roadster design (removable hard top may be added in concept drawings)
  • Panels made from gel-coated composite material, no paint required
  • Target kit price: $9900
  • Target vehicle completion cost: under $15,000

Sample rendering from customer Greg Thompson

Concept drawing by Murray Pfaff at

Your Job:

Once you have read and agreed to the contest rules, click the button at the bottom of this page to access the design templates. Download the templates and use the base dimensions to design a body shape for the new Factory Five sports car. Send in your design to

Designs must take into account some fixed specifications for the car. It will be a mid-engined, two-seater sports car (not minivan). Its wheelbase will be 95 inches, and its target weight is only 1800 pounds. It will feature a rigid tube-steel space frame and potent WRX boxer power. Clearly, the car’s focus will be performance. The shape and configurations (Open roadster or removable hardtop? Modern or retro-classic design? What type of wheels and exhaust?) are up to you.

The templates give minimal but important information. We will accept designs in a variety of formats, from simple line drawings, to 3 dimensional concept sketches, all the way to elaborate 3D CAD drawings. Just make sure to submit your entry as a .JPG or .PDF file.

The Awards:

First place will receive $5,000
Second place will receive $1,000
Third place will receive $500

Winners will receive an official certificate and the cash prizes above. This design competition is brought to you by Factory Five Racing, the SolidWorks Corporation and Grassroots Motorsports magazine.

The Rules:

 Contest begins March 1, 2011.
2. Contest ends June 1, 2011.
3. Submission deadline is June 1, 2011.
4. Winners will be announced by June 11, 2011.
5. In consideration for participation in the “Factory Five-Grassroots Motorsports Design Competition” and for eligibility of prizes winnings, participants and entrants in the contest agree that all submissions, designs, drawings, data files and ideas entered into this contest will become the property of Factory Five Racing, Inc., and no material will be returned to participants at the conclusion of the contest.
6. Participants in the contest agree that any and all submissions may be used wholly or in part by Factory Five Racing, Inc., at its sole discretion. These submissions may also be used without limitation by Factory Five Racing, Inc., Grassroots Motorsports magazine, and designated associates, partners and affiliates for promotional purposes.
7. Submissions must be sent in digital format as .JPG or .PDF files. The files, drawings and text in all submissions are the property of Factory Five Racing, Inc.
8. Submissions must include the entrant’s name, address, city, state, zip code, country, and phone contact information.
9. Participants agree in advance that the decisions of the judges panel are final and incontestable. Winners are responsible for any and all local, state, and federal tax liabilities.
10. These rules, terms and conditions are subject to change and this contest is void where prohibited.
11. Employees of Factory Five Racing, Inc., Solidworks, and Grassroots Motorsports magazine are not eligible.