High School Students Build Factory Five 818S

ea-irvingExperience Aviation is a charitable organization run by world-record setting pilot Barrington Irving, who was the youngest and first African-American pilot to fly solo around the world.  Experience Aviation teaches under-privileged inner-city youth valuable skills and self-confidence.

Factory Five Racing sponsored this important charity a few years ago, and the students built a beautiful white LS-powered GTM.  Last March, we sponsored them again with a discounted 818 kit.  The car is now done, and students from Texas did the majority of the work.

We just got photographs of the finished car, and there are some exciting plans to promote what the students have accomplished.

On behalf of everyone at Factory Five Racing, I want to congratulation the students and teachers of Experience Aviation on completing a great 818 build.  Click here to learn more about Experience Aviation.

Factory Five Racing

This white LS-powered GTM was built by students and instructors at Experience Aviation camp.

The newly built 818 has a similar paint scheme to the GTM Experience Aviation built.  It kind of looks like it’s kid brother.

Due to the success of the GTM program, a good number of sponsors helped on the 818 project.

The students from Experience Aviation show off the 818 they built at a local event in Texas.

Built, not bought.  In this case, built by high school students for a good cause!