Hot Rod Magazine Special Edition ‘33 Unveiled at HB 2014!

We’ve been working with the guys from Hot Rod Magazine on a special limited edition Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod.  We’ve also been fortunate to have the help of some great sponsor suppliers to assemble a truly high-end package of performance parts for this special car.  Here are some pictures of the car and a link to Hot Rod Magazine studio photographer releases.  Click here to see Hot Rod Magazine’s photos of the Factory Five ’33.

The Factory Five forum owner Dave Hodgkins’ son Grant took this killer photo of the special edition Hot Rod at the end of the day.

Grant caught this unique angle of the car as well.

The Special Edition ’33 was unveiled at 11 AM in front of a crowd of hundreds on Main St., Huntington Beach.


The car was on display all day Saturday, April 26th, and then driven for 250+ miles on Monday as part of the Hot Rod Magazine test drive/evaluation.

The All Womens 427 build team assisted in the unveil of the ’33 Hot Rod.  The toolbox in back comes with each car.

The Special Edition ’33 comes with a fully customized interior, customized gauges, and optional soft top so it can run as a roadster or with the soft top.

The 650 HP supercharged “Aluminator” 5.0L Coyote engine from Ford is standard fair on the Special Edition car.

The show ended at 4 PM and the Special Edition Hot Rod was one of the last cars to leave the plaza.

The Special Edition ’33 sits outside the famous Hot Rod Magazine headquarters before being rolled into the Hot Rod Magazine photo studio.

Click here to see Hot Rod Magazine’s photos of the Factory Five ’33.