Huge Thanks to Northern Alberta Factory Five Customers!

I got a nice letter today from Factory Five customers Troy and Tara R. from Alberta, Canada. There are about 20 Factory Five customers in Northern Alberta who meet and cruise together. Troy has been down to the annual Factory Five-Huntington Beach Cruise-In for the past two years with his Factory Five Spyder GT (convertible Gen 1 Coupe made in small production). I’m always telling people that building a Factory Five is more than building a car. Troy writes:

“…this year we got talking about how it’s less and less about the great cars and more about the friendships we have all made. It’s about adventure and people. Every month has a special meaning and memory [in this calendar].” – Troy  Rieder

Each year, about 150 Factory Five customers cruise to Huntington Beach for a one-day car show. Troy is one of the long distance champions at this event. The Northern Alberta Cobra Calendar for 2017 shows the stoke and passion of Factory Five customers.