Kevin Heneghan’s Factory Five MkIV Roadster

Kevin Heneghan’s Factory Five MKIV Roadster was recently featured on his home town of Morgan Hill, California’s 4th of July Festival social media. It’s an early MKIV received in January 2012, and took him 3 years to build. Kevin started his build when his oldest was 14, with “lots of good Saturday nights with Jason in those 3 years. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Kevin was “one of the first two people to use a Gen 1 Coyote, so I had to do all the work for fitment, exhaust, wiring, tuning, etc myself as none of it existed at the time.” His car is now well over 10,000 miles and “it’s been to Huntington Beach 2-3 times.” Kevin went with subtle colors on his MKIV in the form of Lamborghini Titanium with lighter silver stripes. “Everyone compliments the color combo. Even Jeff Miller said everyone gravitated to mine while it was in his shop in CA. It was the best decision.” Currently, Kevin is working on a 72 Bronco with an F150 Coyote / 6R80 combo being built for the Rubicon in CA and Moab in UT. We have to agree with Kevin that “it’s California – how do you not build convertibles?”