Krueger Tuned Racing Rocks New Front!

Shortly after the launch of the all-new Gen 3 Coupe, we have begun developing additional parts to compliment this exciting new car. Right now we are focusing on aero parts as this new Coupe chassis and body promise much improved aerodynamics over the Cobra replicas.

The first part out of the box is this cool fiberglass front end aero bumper cover. It is a simple hand-laid fiberglass part that is made to work specifically with the Gen 3 Coupe body shape, but still fits the Gen 1 and 2 cars fairly well (the body was changed modestly in this area).

One of the first front aero bumper covers was sent to Krueger Tuned Racing who campaign an older version Coupe in road racing. The boys at Krueger Tuned Racing painted and mounted their part and sent us these photos. They are also running the carbon fiber front splitter. This really is a race-only part as ground clearance would make this very difficult to drive on the street.

Krueger Tuned Racing has been racing their Type 65 Coupe in events such as The One Lap of America and other road race events.

Here’s a video of JC Krueger running his Coupe with the new front end at Motorsports Ranch in Texas.

We painted this Coupe front aero bumper cover for a build we’re doing with Snap-On Tools.¬†Shown here with carbon splitter mounted and awaiting canards and turnbuckles.

This is a one-piece part, but we painted it with grey metallic sides to keep the “look” of the original Daytona Coupe front end.

The overlay held up against our old Gen 1 race car.

Click here to view the Coupe-R front aero bumper on our parts catalog.