Kudos to Factory Five Tech Dan Golub

Taking Customer Service to the Extreme

This weekend was a busy one for Factory Five. While most folks are enjoying the Columbus Day weekend, the crew at Factory Five were spread around the country working hard. None more than our own Dan Golub who worked here on Saturday doing tours. When I found out what Dan had done for a customer, I was filled with pride and wanted to share the story with you guys.

On Saturday afternoon, Factory Five customer Kenneth H. and his wife Kerri were visiting from Oakland, New Jersey in a Factory Five Mk2 that they had just purchased. Just before leaving and heading home, the engine sprung a coolant leak from between the timing cover and the block. With no shops in the area open over the holiday weekend, Dan had Ken and his wife follow him home where he proceeded to spend the next 8 hours fixing Ken’s car so that they could get back on the road.

A lot of people comment that the Factory Five family is special and that the community is close knit. That fellowship and closeness begins here at the factory. Thanks Dan for helping Ken and Kerri H. and for showing the heart and soul of Factory Five.

Dave Smith