Logano Names FFR ’35 Truck Top 10 Favorite Cars

NASCAR driver Joey Logano has named the Factory Five ’35 Hot Rod Truck one of his Top 10 Favorite Cars on Autoweek.com! We helped build a ’35 Truck with Joey in Snap-On’s YouTube series “From the Ground Up,” and painted it to match his 2017 Ford GT.

From Autoweek.com – “I built a Factory Five drift truck. It’s got a Cup motor in it and a five-speed sequential transmission in it. It’s faster than my race car because it’s way lighter. It’s just an incredible vehicle.”

You can see Logano drifting this car in his Carography series.

“We have fun. You’re gonna have a car, you better drive it. I’m not a big fan of trailer queens that you park in the garage and never drive. Cars are meant to be driven. I don’t like low-mileage cars.”

This one can do a lot of tricks.

“We wanted to make a car that’s very versatile, that could do about anything. And this is it. This thing could go to a race track and be fast because we put a Cup motor in it—850 horsepower in this bad boy. And we made it to where we could drift, too, because we wanted to do some fun things. The upper control arms are all cut out to get more steering angle. We mated it to a five-speed sequential just because it’s cool. The nice thing about it is you could do burnouts all day and it’s got the knock-off tires from the Cup car—throw those on it and keep doin’ burnouts. So that whole thing is a lot of fun.”

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