Lots of Summer Car Show Pictures Posted on The Factory Five Forum

Almost every Monday during the summer, we see tons of photos on The Factory Five Forum from weekend car shows that FFR owners have attended. For example, today Jerrod H., know on the forum as SuperCoupe408 posted a bunch of photos that he took at a local car show this past weekend. He has a full thread with pictures of his car at the show along with a photo with a FFR Roadster that was also in attendance.

Jerrod’s Type 65 Coupe has a Kieth Kraft 408 stroker, Tremec TKO 600, 3 link rear, Koni shocks, Goodyear Eagle GS-D3’s on FFR 17″ Halibrand replica wheels, heat and air conditioning, and authentic Gulf Colors from back in the 60’s. The painter researched it for him.

You can check out more pictures of Factory Five customer cars on official Factory Five Forum and Facebook page.