Mark Rushbrook’s Dream Garage Includes a Factory Five

I got to know Mark Rushbrook some years ago when he decided to build a Factory Five with his son. Back then he was in charge of For Performance and I was in the midst of a Mk4 build with my own son Adam. These days Mark is the Global Director of Ford Performance Motorsport and he oversees everything that Ford does on track from Formula 1 to NASCAR to the World Rally Championship as well as Supercars, GT3, GT4 and NHRA, just to name a few.

In a recent interview with, Mark tells us his favorite three cars by category..

1. Mustang Dark Horse as his daily driver

2. His Gen 2 Coytote-powered Factory Five that he built with his son as his “something special”

3. His GT4 Mustang for his track toy.

Good company.

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Dave Smith