Matt H.’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe

Matt H. says the reason he bought a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe was “because I’m a Truck Driver. I liked to drive my Cobra whenever I was home, but I got tired of worrying about the weather.

Since getting the Type 65 Coupe, I drive it year-round almost every time I’m home. The independent suspension makes it ride great, and the creature comforts like the seat heaters I installed make a big difference.

I have driven it a few times on the River Road Cruise which is a few hour drive, took it on a ferry, but mostly to cars and coffee, grocery shopping, lunch, wherever I need to go. The gas mileage is great, it’s comfortable once you get in it, and it’s very fun to drive.

Now that I’ve worked on it, I plan on doing more Autocross, and even taking a trip to Nashville and Branson, Missouri. I have put way more miles on it than my pickup.

I was planning on building a Factory Five 35 Truck kit. What made me want a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe specifically, was my limited time off. I realized that I would rather buy a built car to enjoy now. Then, when I came across Henry Renaud on Facebook, this car checked all the boxes of a practical, light, unique, attention-grabbing sports car.”

Now, Matt and his Type 65 are winning awards at carshows too! He says about his most recent award at Import Face Off where he won 1st place in the Best Old School category that, “the host said it was his favorite car at the whole place out of about 1,000 there.” He also won Best American Muscle at a show he says he wasn’t even entered in! “A guy just walked up to me as I was leaving, and said ‘we want to give you an award can you stay?’”

Congratulations to Matt on his award-winning, adventure-seeking daily driver. We look forward to hearing more stories of your adventures and about the accolades you acquire with your Factory Five Type 65!

📷 Robert Ledesma, True Visions Photography, Rei Photography