Customer Michael W. Building His Dream Car

“My chariot awaits! I’m not going to say anything about last drives anymore because the weather has been very mild this winter and is supposed to hang on for awhile. I’m just happy to keep putting miles on it. It’s so fun to drive. I don’t miss the motorcycles at all.

This my passion, and I’m stoked to share my story. Since my Junior High days, the Cobra has been my dream car. Fast forward 40 years, and I’m finally turning dreams into reality. Bought the kit in 2017 after overcoming the aftermath of a divorce and job loss. Life threw curveballs, but I seized an opportunity during a promotion from Factory Five.

My current wife supported my dream. Fast forward to summer 2017, and I was planning a road trip to pick up the car from MA to drive it home to MN. It was a memorable journey with my son, hitting landmarks like the Rock n Roll HOF and Niagara Falls. We got home the day before my 50th birthday—talk about timing!

Almost 5 years later, the kit remained untouched. Patience was key amid other house projects and financial puzzles. I found a ’98 Mustang GT as a donor car in 2018, deviating from the planned drivetrain but setting the stage for progress on the build.

The hunt was on for the engine and transmission. No fancy crate motors for me—piecing things together, finding deals, and doing the dirty work. The Ford 5.0 Coyote is my choice, facing challenges compared to the LS platform, but staying true to my dream. Then, I scored a deal on a used TKO600 transmission, a crucial piece in this puzzle. 

Now, I have over 200 miles on it. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s a lot of short trips. It’s fun. Seriously fun. I don’t miss my motorcycles at all.

I could drive it indefinitely in its current state—unpainted, unfinished; I don’t mind, it’s awesome. …I could, but I won’t. It’s going to look great finished up. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy the ride!”