Mid-Ohio Challenge Series Race Report – August 2012

This past weekend, Factory Five Challenge Series racers from several regions converged at Mid-Ohio Raceway for a fun weekend of competitive racing. Factory Five customer and Challenge Series driver John George has posted a full recap of the event which saw some really good racing.

“Sunday brought good weather finally and qualifying saw Paul A. and I separated by .071 seconds,” wrote John. “The race had Paul A. in the lead following close by me and Paul K. battling through the AI traffic which we started behind. Paul A. sliced through traffic opening up a gap while Paul K. and I started an epic battle once again.”

“An exciting race for sure with all 3 of us, Paul A, Paul K, and I, getting in the 1:35′s lap times; a full 3 seconds faster then last year’s spec.”

Here’s a video of Sunday’s race from John’s #48 Challenge Car and you can read his full report on his web page.