New England Supercar Club Tour at Factory Five for Mission 22

Huge thanks to Factory Five customer Jim K. for organizing a tour here at Factory Five for the members for the New England Supercar Club! What started out as maybe 20-30 people quickly became 350-400 people! Good variety of cars in the parking lot, and a fun tour for a few hours on a Saturday morning. Check out the photos!

Dave Smith

People gathered around 10 AM in the showroom.

Cool car to find under your Christmas tree.

The new Hot Rod Truck attracts new customers.

We are running out of showroom space for some of our demo and race cars!

The tour began in the showroom at 10:30 hosted by Dave Smith.

R&D was open to show off our digital VR technology.

Quick explanation of the Welding department.

Chassis Assembly is where it all comes together.

Future 818R racer!

It’s easy to get lost in VR. This youngster thinks he’s on the track!

Jeremy from Luchini Designs came by to explain our digital design process.