Our New Exotic Loaner Car

Our yellow LS7 GTM is headed into the shop for some work over the winter, so fellow builder Joe Masciarelli generously drove his Gen II GTM down to FFR this afternoon to leave it on display.

FFR’s Tony Zullo with customer Joe M. and his son, Brian.

The work plan for the yellow GTM will involve a re-body and a potential engine change, along with some other minor upgrades that have been developed since the car was built. This car was actually built with a pre-production Gen II body, so the re-body will make for much better door and window fitment.


No word yet on a color choice or paint layout, so stay tuned! When it’s done, we’ll be sure to post a new photo gallery, and in the meantime check out the original gallery shot by Dino Petrocelli here. Thanks for the killer loaner car, Joe!