All-New, All-Steel Factory Five ‘33!

Introducing the first ALL-STEEL Factory Five body! The body costs $9,990 and is an option that can be added to the Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod.  Now you can build the world’s best-selling and best-performing Hot Rod with an industry-leading, quality steel body just like Henry made!


Last year after SEMA 2015, we made the decision to begin work on an all-steel ’33 Hot Rod body to complement our world-class chassis and suspension. We carefully bench marked what was currently available on the market, and were shocked at prices (upwards of $25,000) and in some cases, the quality.  Our goal was to match the Factory Five chassis with a steel body that would lead the industry in quality irrespective of price.  That work is now done, and the very first all-steel Factory Five ’33 will be on display at the 2016 SEMA Show.  Production bodies will be available in the first months of 2017, and we are accepting orders now.

Price: $9,990 with ’33 Hot Rod Order!

The all-steel body comes complete with all panels including hood and louvered front engine covers.  The parts are delivered E-coated black and require no panel trimming/fitment, and significantly less body work.  The steel thickness is from 19 to 21 gauge steel depending on the part and location.

Hard top and fenders are still in process and will be available by the end of 2017. Estimated price for the fenders and hard top will be slightly higher than existing composite part prices. The current composite fenders (full fenders and bike fenders) and composite hard top fit with the steel body. Stage 1 Hot Rods can be ordered now and the steel body can be added to the Stage 2 order.

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The Hot Rod body includes louvered steel side covers!

The steel body includes steel liners on all panels and maintains steel inner structures.

Stamped steel body ’33 #001 goes together in R&D with Factory Five Director of Engineering Jesper Ingerslev (left), President David Smith (center), and Director of R&D Jim Schenck (right).

After 20 years of making high-quality composite car bodies, it is really fun to work with all-metal.

The body shape was digitally scanned from our existing ’33 Hot Rod.  The stamping dies were all CNC-made resulting in panels that have a perfect high-tolerance fit.

The steel parts are delivered E-coated to protect against corrosion.

On our first steel ’33, we decided to go traditional with a flathead Ford V8 and period-style wheels.

For SEMA, we left the chassis half built to show off the Factory Five steel and the fitment of the steel body pieces.

One thing you won’t see on most expensive steel body hot rods is a rock star front and rear suspension, and a chassis that delivers proper sports car ride quality and handling.

The louvered steel side panels add cooling to the engine bay and tremendous style to the car.

The steel body option provides everything you see here on this roadster. Full body, rear trunk, doors, liners, louvered side covers, and one-piece hood with liner.

The steel body ’33 Hot Rod was loaded up and headed off to debut at SEMA 2016!

The all-steel body costs $14,990 if you are buying it alone. It is an option if you buy it with the ’33 Hot Rod kit for $9,990 (includes deletion of the ‘glass body).

In addition to selling “Build-It-Yourself” Hot Rods, part of the development of this all-steel body included consideration of the new Small Volume Manufacturers Law which will enable Factory Five to build completed vehicles of which the Hot Rod is a viable candidate. We will post a detailed video from the 2016 SEMA Show debut highlighting the features and construction of the newest Factory Five.

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