Paul’s Miracle Build

Paul Hagan had a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster delivered June 2020. “I fell in love with this car when I was 15 years old” says Paul. “This was a project I built with my now 18 year old son. We had so much fun our plan is to do a Type 65 Coupe next.” 

Paul and his son used a Gen 2 Coyote repurposed from a 2013 F-150, a Tremec TR-3650 5 speed from a 2010 Mustang and a 2015 Mustang IRS. The colors they went with were 1965 Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue. His experience working for a Sheet Metal Fabricator helped him craft the Side Pipe Shields, Drop Trunk, Concealed Battery Box, Removable Transmission Tunnel, and all kinds of brackets himself.

October 27th 2018 was a Saturday afternoon and Paul was adding some finishing touches to a roof when he unfortunately went into Cardiac Arrest. Luckily, Paul had three miracles happen. First, he had a co-worker that knew CPR. Second, there was an ambulance onsite in the parking lot waiting to be dispatched. Third, the Spokane Fire Department was practicing roof extractions 6 blocks away, and was able to get him down from the roof. Paul says, “To this day, having all of these things line up for me still baffles me. I have won the lottery of life and I plan to make sure I pay it forward as often as I can.”

Spring of 2019 Paul told his wife he wanted to go to the build school, and she gave him the ok. In regards to the build school and FFR community Paul says he, “went to the build school and felt very confident that I could do this. I met some very wonderful people who I still keep in touch with today! Also, that weekend Mr. Dave Smith was present with his son Adam. I can say my experience with all the employees at Factory Five and all the members of the Build Community has been tremendous! Anytime there has been a challenge, someone is there to help me out!”

The Factory Five community is filled with incredible people, and clearly, Paul is no exception.  When a friend’s son recently passed from Leukemia, Paul went to work designing and building a memorial bench in honor of their son. In Paul’s words, “we are all in this world to make a living, but we should do things like this because we feel it is the right way to live life. I know the Factory Five community lives that way, and gives so much back to the world.” 

Paul, the team here couldn’t agree more -thank you for sharing your inspiring story, and congratulations on your beautiful build.