Customer Peter G.’s Mk4 Roadster

As the sun sets on the first business day of the New Year at Factory Five Racing, our hearts are warmed by the stories within our community, stories like that of customer Peter G. and his car-loving grandson, Sam. Sam smiles at Peter from the passenger seat of Peter’s Factory Five Mk4 Roadster as if to say, “Grandad, let’s go for a drive.”

Peter lovingly shares, “Sam will sit in the Cobra for a while, and complains bitterly when we take him out.” Witnessing the passing of the generational torch from Peter to Sam fills us with joy and hope for the possibilities that lie ahead in this new year. 

Peter and his family built the Mk4 Roadster as a Covid project in 2020, and it hit the road in May of 2021. It boasts a Gen 2 Coyote engine, IRS, 2016 Mustang rear end, 3.31 rear gears, TKO600 transmission, and MT Street radials with stock components from Factory Five. Peter has already clocked 23,000 miles on his creation and says he “loves the car!”

Reflecting on the past year for Peter, he embarked on a remarkable 5,400-mile road trip from Illinois to California, marveling at how “the car ran perfect.” The Bonneville Salt Flats picture captured during this journey is a snapshot of a perfect moment in time.

In the spirit of continuous passion, Peter has set his sights on completing a new project—his new Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. His ambitious plans for completion in 2024 exemplify the dedication that sets Factory Five customers apart.

Perhaps your own adventures have been equally exhilarating, prompting thoughts of acquiring another Factory Five, just like Peter did. His journey embodies the essence of “Built, Not Bought.” On this day after the New Year, let Peter’s story inspire you, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast like him or a budding car-lover. Embrace the pure joy of building, driving, and the timeless connection forged over the rumble of an engine.