Phil M.’s Ultimate Street Cruiser Truck!

Customer Phil M.’s ’35 Hot Rod Truck built by Ron Everitt in Massachusetts is the ultimate street cruiser Truck. Built with a modern 5.0L Coyote, full fenders, electric steering, A/C, power windows, wood bed, wire wheels, and a custom tan interior.

Phil previously drove a Factory Five Mk2 Roadster for many years, and decided to build a Truck with his friend Ron Everitt. Phil’s Truck is period-correct on the outside with every modern convenience on the inside. This Truck is super streetable with air conditioning, power windows, and power steering… but with a 460 HP Ford Coyote engine this truck will flat-out spank Porsches and Corvettes.

Click here to view the full photo gallery. Photos taken by Dino Petrocelli.

Phil brought his newly-built Truck over to Factory Five to showoff, and we did this cool Facebook Live video. Check out the second half of the video as we started out on our new molding robot.