Power is Back at Factory Five!

Power has been restored here at Factory Five Racing and work continues on the Cape and coastal areas affected by the storm. We are going to spend the next few days catching up after two days closed.

Big thanks to all of you for your patience. Especially to customer James D. who arrived to pick up his kit and found an empty cold building yesterday! Nate came in to load him up without power, and found James in the back parking lot cooking brats on a weber grill and waiting for us to get in! Nate was able to load him up and get him back on the road to Wisconsin despite the power failure! The best people in the world build our cars.

Dave Smith

Good morning ladies!

Storm cleared to a blue sky New England late winter day.

Back to life!

Coupe central!

Truck central. Chassis being QC’s and prepped in R&D.

818C and twin heading out next to Type 65 Coupe and Coupe-R on the lift.

’35 Truck production will likely stay on target despite the down time from the storms.

Nate and Matt prep a Hot Rod for down under last week.