Project 818 Design Contest Winners

Award Winners for Factory Five-Grassroots Motorsports Contest

We are proud to announce the winners of the Factory Five Racing-Grassroots Motorsports 818 Design Competition. We would like to thank all of the entries and the judges were extremely impressed with the quality of all the submissions. We would also like to thank our partners at Grassroots Motorsports for generously sponsoring this competition.

We will be sending these awards to the recipients and we will be providing more details on our plans for the 818, specifically which designs in part or whole will become the next 818.

Thanks to everyone and congratulations to the winners.

David Smith
Factory Five Racing

Watch a video presentation of the award winners and brief description of the 818.

Design Award Winners by Category:

1st Place Overall and $5,000 winner – Nouphone Bansasi

2nd Place Overall and $1,000 winner – Rodney Olmos

3rd Place Overall and $500 winner – Xabier Albizu

Special Awards:

Grassroots Motorsports Editor’s Choice – Anthony Samboer

Most Original/Creative – Marc Senger

Hewlett-Packard Technology Award for Best Integration of Computer Technology – Davy Phomsavanh

SolidWorks Award for Best Integration of Computer Design –
Romain Farrands

Judge’s Awards:

Jeremy Luchini’s Judge’s Pick – Mario Morra

Tim Suddard’s Judge’s Pick – Masayuki Kobayashi

Tom Salamone’s Judge’s Pick – Dominic Agoro

Murray Pfaff’s Judge’s Pick – Romain Ferrands

Michael Lye’s Judge’s Pick – Marc Senger

Wayne Cherry’s Judge’s Pick – Romain Ferrands

Matt Humphries’ Judge’s Pick – Colin Bonathan

Jim Schenck’s Judge’s Pick – Jeff Teague

Jesper Ingerslev’s Judge’s Pick – Colin Bonathan

Trophy for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Design Winners.

Trophy for GRM Editor’s Choice, Most Original Design, Hewlett Packard Tech Award, and SolidWorks-CAD Award.

Trophy for Judge’s Favorite Awards