Project 818 Pre-Order Update #2

November 30, 2012 Update.

This week you may have noticed your credit card was charged $99 for your 818 pre-order. We have sold one hundred and eleven 818S models (street version), twenty 818R (race version), and there are four of you whose expiration dates wouldn’t allow us to process your order (we are calling you, don’t worry).

The guys have worked hard to establish a fair and reasonable production date for all of your orders. We are planning to begin production in June 2013 and our production plan calls out for a steady ramp up which will enable us to deliver kits currently on order between June and the following February. Next week, you should receive a hard copy of your order with your PRODUCTION DATE. This production date is an estime and based on our best forcast…but it may change, hopefully for the better!

The 818R is close to running and driving. It will be heading south in the next week or so for a few months of track testing. The guys in R&D are working hard on tooling and pre-production work. Everyone is very excited about this new Factory Five and 100% commited to ensuring that the cars are fully developed, tested, and ready for production.

Thanks for your support and if you have any questions, please forward them via e-mail to

Thanks again!

Dave Smith

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