Project 818 Weekly Design Winners and Gallery

Grassroots Motorsports-Factory Five Racing Design Competition

The guys at Grassroots Motorsport select a “Pick of the Week” from the design submissions received each week until June 1st. Being selected as a weekly winner does not mean that the design will win overall, just a fun way to show off the great work of customers submitting designs for the next Factory Five.

Gerald Pilare – Week 12 Co-Winner for May 20

Scott Bradford – Week 12 Co-Winner for May 20

We continue to receive an excellent (and almost impossible to judge) variety of submissions. The team here agreed to the week 12 co-winners of Gerald Pilare and Scott Bradford, however, I was really impressed with another submission so I decided to include another honorable mention for this week from Jimmey Fogolini whose lines remind me of ’70s Ferraris.

Dave Smith

Jimmey Fogolini – Week 12 Honorable Mention for May 20

Matthew Korich – Week 11 Winner for May 13

All of us here at Factory Five agreed that Matthew Korich (above) had the coolest design, however, this week two other submissions were soooo good that we had to share and bestow upon them honorable mention awards for the week (we just made that up).

Dave Smith

Colin Bonathan – Week 11 Honorable Mention

Keith Kauchner – Week 11 Honorable Mention

Mike Palotas – Week 10 Co-Winner for May 6

Dean Schimmenti – Week 10 Co-Winner for May 6

Chris Mahoney – Week 9 Winner for April 29

Sebastian Mihai – Week 8 Winner for April 22

Tim Brewster – Week 7 Co-Winner for April 15

Alessio Minchella – Week 7 Co-Winner for April 15

Sam Pourbehi – Week 6 Co-Winner for April 8

Leonardo Castilho – Week 6 Co-Winner for April 8

Narcis Mares – Week 5 Winner for April 1

Team KT – Week 4 Winner for March 25

Tim Perez- Week 3 Winner for March 18

Xabier Albizu Ponce- Week 2 Winner for March 11

Steven Wang- Week 1 Winner for March 4