PWF Golf Fundraiser is a Big Success!

Some of your know that when I’m not building cars at Factory Five, I enjoy surfing here in New England. One of my close friends, Kreg Palko, who I’ve surfed with for years, was recently been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Last weekend, there was a golf tournament/fundraiser for Kreg.  Factory Five’s Sally Bean’s son Tieg sponsored the tournament fundraiser and in combination with the Pink Whale Foundation (PWF) Halloween Party, they expect to raise over $15,000, with ALL proceeds going to the Palko family!

My surf club buddies Chris Burns (left) and John Berkery (right) played 18 holes and did a great job raising money for Kreg.

The Factory Five community delivered huge!  Many customers sponsored holes and checks were sent in from near and far.  A few days before the tournament, I received a generous check from my friend Hugo Rodriguez in Puerto Rico!  Factory Five offered my Mk3 Roadster as a hole-in-one prize.  There was a hole-in-one!  But I was relieved to find out that it was on a different hole.  The golfer, Jen Carlson, won a vacation package to Bermuda for her hole-in-one.  At the end of the night, the ride home in my Mk3 Roadster was so cold I actually wished someone had won it!

Big thanks to everyone who participated!  This fun event was just another example of how the Factory Five community comes together to help people and to make a difference in people’s lives.  Here are some photos from the event.

Dave Smith

Left to right: Jen Carlson, Elizabeth Palko, Eric Carlson, Kreg Palko, and Kreg’s parents who came in from Michigan!

Dan Hettler (left) and Tieg Bean (right) were the event organizers.

Kreg’s friends (left to right) Jay Coogan, Mike Mahoney, David Piccerelli, Dan Butts, and Chris Patton
(Left to right): Kreg Palko, Chris Burns, and Matt Asarro

Tieg Bean’s friends showed up to help.  These girls managed the raffle and special prizes out on the course.

We had almost 70 golfers tee off at 12:30.

Raffle prizes and sponsor prizes were given out at the end of the event.

There was a hole-in-one!  But, it was on another hole, and I was able to keep the keys to my 427 FE powered Mk3 Roadster.


There were a ton of great people who stepped up to sponsor holes and who donated money.  I do not have the full list, but the Factory Five community sponsors included the following:

ZZ Customs – Tony Zullo
Bull McCabe’s Pub in Somerville
Cheney Construction
SMG Motoring
Marlo Renaud
JM Products – Joe Mascerelli
Dellbrook Construction
Ron Everitt
Sean LaMontagne
Justin at Seamless Customs
Flagship Homes – John Takvorian
Anderson Motors – John Anderson
Romarine – Dave Vargas
Thunder Valley Racing – Karen Salvaggio
Factory Five Racing
Chris Patton and Kreg’s neighborhood buddies

Sincere apologies for anyone not listed.  Here are some more pictures of our buddy Kreg.

2013 Barrington Surf Club (left to right): Dave Smith, Kreg Palko, John Berkery, and Nick Ward (missing is Chris Burns and Gary Bean and the warrior princesses from the Pu-Ali Surf Club).

Chris Burns, Nick Ward, and Kreg Palko, 2012

Last go out, Cape Cod September 2013

John Berkery, Kreg Palko, and Dave Smith