Race Report from the First FFR Invitational at Mid-Ohio


There’s been a lot of great racing in the Factory Five-NASA Challenge Series this year, and we received a report from driver John George recapping the recent race weekend at the end of August at Mid-Ohio Raceway. Here’s a excerpt from John’s recap:

“For the normal Saturday race saw the FFR cars gridded last taking the third green wave behind all of the AI cars. Rafe and John got an early lead and proceeded to battle it out John being the shadow of Rafe ready to pounce on any mistakes made. Rafe ran a great race on the last lap John was turning up the pressure battling fiercely for the lead but was all for not as a BMW forced himself between Rafe and John going into Thunder valley. Lyle and Eric had a great battle for 3rd with Lyle getting the upper hand finishing 3rd. Brian, Mike T., Mike D, and Wayne. Wayne had a starter button wire mix-up causing his car not to run properly and had to retire from the race. Pat McMahon ended up 2nd in ST2.”

Click here to read John’s full recap of this event.

This was the last race of 2013 for the East Coat Challenge Series. John George came out on top, with Rafe Baskin not too far behind in second.