Bob B.’s Custom Reimagined Factory Five Type 65 Coupe

Factory Five’s designs allow individuals the freedom to determine their car’s character, degree of insanity, and build their own American custom car. This is what resonated deeply with Bob B. a former Silicon Valley tech guy with a passion for race cars. While that passion led him to becoming a fabricator and crew member of a Trans-Am IMSA Series race team, and meeting with legends, Dan Gurney, Pete Brock, and Bob Bondurant to name a few, it also led him to his decision to build the car of his dreams. That car is a Factory Five.

The heart of his D8YTONA lies in the Factory Five Gen 3 chassis, complemented by a crate Ford Gen 2 Coyote engine and a Tremec T-56 6-speed combo. Bob’s vision was clear – a “Custom Reimagined Replimod,” transcending the standard kit build or period-correct replica. He envisioned D8YTONA as a GT car, reminiscent of what Shelby might have produced for the streets in the 70s, 80s, or beyond, while maintaining the original shape.

Bob let us in on the details, “As displayed, my Build has been inspired by two industry greats and two driving greats!

On October-25, my Coupe was AZ MVD inspected, registered and plated in Arizona and Graduated on October 28th.

After years of meticulous work, Bob’s custom-built Factory Five Racing Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe, “D8YTONA,” is ready to make its debut. The journey to the creation of his unique build is nothing short of impressive.

The goal and design concept for my Coupe has long been one of a “Custom Reimagined Replimod”. Being different, Not the standard kit build, not period correct, not a race car, but more a GT car, as if Shelby had built customer street versions and into the 70s, 80s or beyond, but kept much of the original shape.

I really appreciated a specific post of yours in September 2022 on the Factory Five Builders Facebook site, because it mirrored my own feelings ever since 2018. You stated;

“The prediction I made way back in 1995 or 1996, that, the Cobra would eventually cease to be a strict replica and would evolve to soon become the open source hot rod of a new generation.

The Cobra is indeed the hot rod of a new generation and whether it is a faithful replica or a wild custom or anything in between, it no longer is constrained to a strict definition. I think that is the genius (said humbly) of our Factory Five designs…. that they enable the individual to determine the car, the degree of insanity, and the freedom to build their own American custom the way they see it best. I love it.”

I love the version of “Daytona Coupe” that Factory Five offers with the Gen 3 version, from the super chassis and associated parts to the best body sculptured design of any Coupe, anywhere. A masterpiece “canvas” for my or anyone’s dreams and efforts.

Employing the wonderful FFR Gen 3 chassis and architecture with a crate Ford Gen 2 Coyote with a Tremec T-56 6-speed Combo supplied from FF-AT and making use of the gorgeous FFR Type-65 Coupe, I set out to make my custom dream car.

The drivetrain is pretty much standard FFR Full Kit spec. with the Mustang GT IRS, brakes and before mentioned engine & transmission combo.

At risk, I’ve modified the already gorgeous as is FFR bodywork in 7 basic ways with 13 touch-points, all of which I believe are “organic” not garish changes, which might have been employed by Shelby if the Daytona Coupe had been produced as a production street car and into the 70s, 80s and beyond. The interior’s dash is all custom, but more a continuation of the design trend of the FFR Coupe, not radically different.

All custom design, assembly and modifications, including all of the fiberglass work was done solely by myself, except for the engine install and large body pieces positioning, where I had my mid-20s daughters and their boyfriend’s assist, (bucket checklist items accomplished for them!).

The final body prep and painting was done by Jeff Miller Customs, so was in beyond excellent hands.

My journey of “My Coupe, D8YTONA” began in early 2017 when I first saw reports on the internet of Factory Five’s SEMA reveal of the Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe and all of the improvements with the Gen 3 version. So much sync’d with some race cars I had helped to build in the mid-1970s. My interests and research started.

In April 2018, traveling from my new retirement hometown of Scottsdale, AZ (after 38 years in Silicon Valley high tech), I attended the Factory Five Huntington Beach Cruise-In. I attended with a new friend of mine, Kevin B., who had just completed literally the Thursday before the Cruise-In weekend, his own Candy-Red FFR MKIV Roadster, “Flip-Top”. Kevin proceeded to reveal the car and won Best of Show that weekend. It was an awesome weekend and great opportunity for me to see and so many Factory Five cars, talk to their owners/builders and the Factory Five staff and vendors.

A month and a half later in early June, while actually watching the live TV broadcast of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, I “appropriately” placed the order for my Type 65 / Cobra Daytona Coupe.

I received the Full Kit from FFR and a crate Coyote 5.0 engine plus transmission combo from FF-AT on September 15, 2018. S/N F5R1000115DC. The rest is a fascinating and rewarding journey of discovery, advancements, successes, many online conversations, yes with a few build specific setbacks, Covid impacts and also a few personal/family delays that stretched the project build out to 5 years. But, it was a retirement project, so OK, my journey.

As is most of the cases for FFR car builders/owners, the paint color(s) choice seems to be a long winding journey unto itself.  

While it was indeed a 4-year journey for me, the paint I chose was ultimately a historically logical choice to me, by some measure, surprising that no one else has used it, (at least that I’m aware of). Production Ford 2019-2021 Shelby Performance Blue Metallic Pearl. A hat tip to Guardsman Blue, but a new and still unique modern paint. The painted stripes are in a White Base Solid. Jeff Miller Customs, Batman, did the body prep and painting magic.

The rear cove has been altered to locate the license plate to the center in an angled recess with the plate perpendicular to the road. The taillights have been kept to the traditional two-pairs of round lights mounted vertically at a slight offset, but the lights are larger in diameter LED Lotus aftermarket units by GRP, that are French recess mounted and also perpendicular to the road.

Custom Decisions to Note:

The design shape of the side windows (door & rear-quarter) have been reshaped to introduce a flowing curved lines stretched shape that compliments the curves of the rest of the body.

The normally raised lower front nose corners have been dropped to a more modern shape and the bottom of the nose is flat all the way across, future proofing for possibly a splitter plate.

Bob Boig single tube Quiet Pipes are the headers & sidepipes. I was striving to achieve a slightly quieter and mellow sound.

The dash is custom, as are the door inner panels with door poppers and custom panel covering the window brackets.

A Video camera LCD interior rear view mirror with the camera lens mounted inside the bottom of the ducktail spoiler (stealthily between the two white stripes) was added for better visibility and which allowed for sleek and tighter-in mounted outside mirrors, carbon fiber units.

The otherwise stock Coyote engine has a carbon-fiber insert, body color painted covers and a totally unique application of cut down Ford Performance Cobra Le Mans finned aluminum valve covers suspended over the Coyote coil covers. For pure styling bling, no function, but I love that old school look, and they fit. Originally offered on the 67 GT500KR.

Factory Five Racing rectangular badges are affixed to the bodywork sides and a Factory Five round badge is affixed to the rear cove. Yes, a Shelby Cobra round badge is affixed immediately above the FFR badge, but I read them as “Cobra by Factory Five” I know by court order FFR can’t do that, but owner customers can.

The Arizona personalized plate for my coupe is: D8YTONA

There are other custom details, but those and the above custom touches will be detailed down the road in my FFR Forum build thread: Bob’s Arizona Gen 3 Coupe Build Thread, some other Facebook sites and my d8ytona_coupe Instagram site.

Lastly, as seen above and of significance, on the dash is mounted a very special unique Tribute Plaque. My design, my heartfelt feelings, fabricated by Billet Badges.”

Presenting D8YTONA, a custom reimagined Factory Five Type 65/Daytona Coupe