SEMA 2023 Day 2 Recap!

Day 2 at the 2023 SEMA Show saw a huge return of crowds to the world’s biggest car show. Our booth was busy all day long, and customers got a chance to check out our newest kit – the XTF Pre-Runner Truck. We met with Joey Logano to talk about his own XTF build (more on that later) while across the building Bill Cardoso’s team at Scorpion EV was selected for a Global Media Award for his electric-powered Factory Five Mk4s.

Old friends stopped by the booth to say hello including Kevin Byrd from Two Guys Garage, Tommy Boshers from PowerNation’s Detroit Muscle, and Bruno from Truck U stopped by to do a video with Factory Five’s Jim Schenck.

Day 2 was one of the busiest we remember, and the aftermarket is certainly thriving!

Factory Five Owen Price describes the new XTF Truck to a customer.

Production companies are everywhere at SEMA. Customer Erik Treves describes the Factory Five XTF that he built and drove 1,800 miles to be at SEMA.

Factory Five’s good friend Kevin Byrd from Two Guys Garage catches up with Jesper and Jim.

Day 2 saw huge crowds, and so far day 3 is even busier!

Factory Five’s Jim Schenck shows Joey Logano the new XTF Truck.

It took people a while to understand that the XTF is an all-new chassis under a F-150 cab.

Chris Hein’s ’33 Hot Rod with Erik Treves’ XTF Truck.

After day 1, Johnny decided to raise his suspension on his XTF to show off the extreme travel range.

Erik Treves’ twin-turbo 1,200 HP underneath his XTF hood.

Jim is interviewed by Brenton Productions “Truck U”.

Above & Below: Two time NASCAR Champion spent some time on the XTF Truck.

One of our all-time favorite television personalities is Tommy Boshers from PowerNation’s show “Detroit Muscle”.

The front end of the XTF can be built with the off-road steel bumper (above) or the composite street bumper (below).

Above & Below: The rear end of the XTF is extremely dramatic with custom steel bumper, tailgate, and aluminum bed.

Above & Below: The front end of the XTF is a super-wide 90″!

Above & Below: Customer Johnny Kab’s white XTF features the steel race bumper up front.

Above & Below: We brought our own Factory Five demo XTF that features a supercharged 5.0L engine and all carbon fiber panels.

Bruno from “Trunk U” with Jim from Factory Five.

Above & Below: SEMA 2023 is all about showing off the latest Factory Five, the XTF, but we are famous for our Cobra replicas and Hot Rods. Our Hot Rod is in our main booth, and our Mk4 Roadster is in our second booth.

Factory Five customer Kimberly Cox met up with customer Karen Salvaggio.

Above & Below: Huge congratulation to Bill and his team at Scorpion EV for winning a Global Media Award for his EV-powered Factory Five Mk4 Roadster.

Day 2 was a huge success, and day 3 is underway right now. We will have a full report in the morning as SEMA continues to prove that it is indeed the Super Bowl of custom car shows!

Dave Smith