SEMA Preview 9 of 10: All-New Factory Five Speedstar Hot Rod!

Meet the very newest Factory Five, the Speedstar!

The Ridler Award-winning Speedstar body now drives as good as it looks with the proven Factory Five performance Hot Rod chassis underneath! We bought Rat’s Glass Bodies last year, and this all-new shape is the first result of that acquisition.

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The car is a lower and sleeker Hot Rod coupe.
Factory Five suspensions and chassis options remain.
We built this first Speedstar with a 392 Hemi engine and Mopar powertrains will be available shortly.
2010 Detroit AutoRama
The Speedstar won the 2000 Don Ridler Memorial Award, and is now in the Factory Five line-up!

There are some small differences between the Factory Five ’33 and the new Speedstar. The Speedstar comes with different tail lights and a fixed, molded coupe top rather than the ’33s removable top. Hood and side covers are an important part of the long, low Speedstar look, so they are standard. Door latches and windows are being designed, and we are considering using door poppers to keep the exterior super clean.

We’re also introducing the option to install a Hemi engine into all of our Hot Rod variants – ’33 Hot Rod, Speedstar, and ’35 Truck! More details coming soon.

If you would like to order a Speedstar, production dates will begin in January. You can call us for more details or to reserve your spot with a refundable deposit. Full website, order forms, and prices coming soon.

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