Factory Five Customer Mark P.'s Awesome Mk4

Factory Five customer Mark P. shared on The Factory Five Forum the other day that his Mk4 Roadster was selected by the Gateway C-car Club as the Car of the Month!


Mark received his Mk4 back in April of 2011, had his first start in September of 2012 followed shortly by his first go-kart.  The car was officially licensed for the road in April of 2013 and Mark has been having fun driving around town since.


Mark had his Mk4 photographed by Tom Johnson of Slow-N-Low Studios who takes a lot of photos for the Gateway C-car Club.  The club selected Mark’s Roadster for their February Car of the Month!  Click here to read the official announcement.


Mark built his Mk4 using a 302 crate engine, T5 transmission, independent rear suspension, and Factory Five 17″ Halibrand wheels.  The body was recently sent off to be painted, and Mark already has members of his car club ready to help get everything put back together, and the  car on the road for the summer driving season.

Congratulations on winning Car of the Month, Mark!