Speedmakers Profiles Factory Five Cars

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Last year Speed Channel’s show, “Speedmakers”, came out to Wareham to shoot some of our cars in action and see the operations up close. The resulting episode was called “Speedmakers: Megakits.”

The episode aired a while back on Speed and it is now available to watch on-line!

“Episode 2: MEGA Kits

Can’t afford a $1,200,000 Ferrari Enzo, a 25 million Learjet or a radical speedboat or exotic watercraft? Well, if you’re handy with tools, and have a modest nutshell stashed away, you may be in luck! For a fraction of the cost of those “if you gotta ask you can’t afford it” dream toys, you can build your own dream machine. Thanks to the wonderful world of kits, if it’s worth lusting after, chances are it’s available as a “build-it-yourself.” Factory Five says “Forget Ferrari!” They help you build a world-class supercar in your garage with their custom kits. Want to live out your “TOP GUN” fantasy? With $500,000 and the ViperJet MKII kit, you can build your own personal “fighter jet.” If you dig the idea of catching BIG air, then get a load of the $85,000 Universal Hovercraft UH-19XRW Hoverwing. This ground-effect amphibious vehicle (AKA hovercraft) flies two to six feet above the water. And you won’t even need a pilot’s license!” – SpeedTV.com