Stunning Factory Five GTM Debuts in Puerto Rico!

Factory Five customer Hugo R. built this beautiful GTM Supercar in Puerto Rico. His car was featured on a local television news show and Hugo sent me a cool e-mail with a few images. The video is in Spanish (that’s what they speak in Puerto Rico), but even if you don’t understand the language, there is no doubt about what the host is saying when he pulls the trigger on Hugo’s GTM!

“Yesterday a local TV show recorded a cool segment about my car. Attached are two pictures taken during the filming. The segment is supposed to be aired this Wednesday. After it airs, I will send you a YouTube link to it so you can see it. Once again thanks for making this kit and putting a super car within my reach.” – Hugo R., Puerto Rico

One of the great pleasures of my job is seeing finished cars built from our chassis kits. This GTM shows how much craftsmanship and passion goes into each Factory Five. Congratulations, Hugo!

Dave Smith