Susan V.’s Green Roadster to Celebrate St. Paddy’s!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, let’s raise a glass to Susan V.’s green Mk3 Roadster, a true family gem! 🍀 Many of you are familiar with Susan’s son, Dave V. who worked here at Factory Five in technical support. Dave shares his family’s Factory Five story with us, “we acquired this beauty in June 2022 as a special gift for my mom’s 50th birthday. Built in 2007, the kit used a 1990 Mustang GT donor, complete with the fuel-injected HO 302 engine, and is equipped with a 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission.

Over the summer, we embarked on a series of custom upgrades, including and the installation of true pin drive wheels, which required some adjustments to the front and rear ends. This car has a custom 4-link rear suspension, and the wheels we added are genuine Halibrands -not replicas! We also added FFR’s stainless steel 302 headers and retrofitted a MK4 sway bar kit to the front end, along with MK4 adjustable upper control arms and FFR tubular lower control arms.

During this process, we didn’t overlook the interior. We kept the original FFR leather roadster seats, but gave them a makeover to match the new brown interior. We even rewrapped the dash ourselves! One unique interior feature is the custom arm rest. It features the classic Boston Bruins logo because my mom, Susan is a huge Bruins fan! We used the car as a family project and all got our hands dirty getting it to the point where it is now.

This project was a true family affair, with all of us pitching in to bring the Roadster to its current state. It was a labor of love that brought us closer together. And after completing this project, we moved on to restoring my dad’s GTM – an adventure that’s now part of our family history!”