Team Builds 200th 818 Sports Car Chassis!

Less than a year ago on June 15th, we shipped our very first production 818 chassis kit.  Since then, the company has committed to a carefully planned and well executed production ramp-up.  We are now building at a current production rate of one chassis per day, and slowly bringing lead times down (at one point, it was over a year).

Today was a big milestone as the team had production chassis #200 in the chassis assembly area!

200 chassis is a great accomplishment, and customers are doing their part as a ton of cars are getting registered, driven, and raced in this first year of production.  The other day, I called my Rhode Island vehicle inspector to schedule a inspection of my personal Hot Rod (to register)… I was told by the state police person that he had just inspected and registered a Factory Five 818 for one of our customers!  It’s cool to see so many cars driving so soon after we launched the car.

Factory Five 818S chassis #200 passes through the chassis assembly area today, May 15, 2014.

Dave Smith, Tony Zullo, and Nate Johnson join chassis assembly experts Fred Allen and Craig Barkhouse.

The 818 molds have evolved and improved, and the design has benefited from ongoing upgrades both in-house and from customers building and driving their cars.