Team PDG’s Factory Five GTM Showcased in Baja Designs SEMA Booth

Prototype Development Group had their GTM race car as the feature booth car for Baja Designs, which manufactures extreme lighting components in both LED and HID configurations. Team PDG has used their lights in the last couple 25 Hours of Thunderhill races and can safely say that they make one heck of an extreme lighting product. “Not only are they intensely bright, but darn near indestructable!” said team member Mike Holland.

“This year Baja Designs has outfitted the GTM with some of their brand new LED products,” Mike continued. “If you find the car at the SEMA booth, you will see just about every current Baja Designs product that is available on the car. These consist of mostly LED products, but also a couple of extremely bright HID lights. We have used the HID products previously, but the LEDs appear to be an even better pattern with a more white color. They don’t go quite as far in distance as the HIDs, which is why we are still incorporating a couple of the HIDs, but they are really a great product that is very much the trend in upcoming modern vehicle lighting.”

Congratulations to Team PDG for being featured in the Baja Designs SEMA Booth! To see this car in action, make sure to tune into the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill on December 8-9.