Technical Problem with Factory Five Hot Rod Exhaust and Fix

Factory Five polished stainless steel exhausts for ’33 Hot Rods have been a challenge for more than six months, and I was very excited to receive our new batch of 100 sets of polished stainless steel exhaust sets (these new parts were part of an overall upgrade of the exhaust assembly with improved mufflers and modified fitment to accommodate rear exits for cars using the new IRS). Unfortunately, one of the first customers to install the new exhaust system discovered that our manufacturer welded one of the sections backwards!  See drawing below.

Despite the delays and this error, the company is a high-quality vendor and is expediting a replacement lot within 20 days.  We are also hand-working a small number of these individual sections for customers who are needing these parts to drive their cars.  The re-worked parts will be replaced with new ones when the new lot arrives shortly.

DSC_0890This note affects the front exhaust pipe, Factory Five part number 34063.  This part goes from the muffler forward to the header/down tube. The drawing for the part above is correct.  The part shown is incorrect (flat flange and ball flange have been reversed).


Above and Below: Once installed, the reversed flanges are obviously offset due to the welding reversal.


Thanks to customer Mike V. from Needles, CA for bringing this to my attention!  The crew is working on this as hard as possible, and I am very sorry for this continued inconvenience.  If you have any questions, Jay here at Factory Five has a customer list and can answer any of your questions.

Dave Smith