The Fisher Family Project

M3 Roadster Built the Right Way!

The other day I got the nicest surprise! I received in the mail a printed, bound book from the fisher family that detailed and chronicled their Mk3 Factory Five build.

I met Steve and his wife Tiffany in Huntington Beach last year at the cruise-in. Then this past summer (2011) their entire family made the trek to Wareham and toured the factory.

Steve put together an amazing book of their family adventure beginning on the day they received their Mk3 Roadster on May 30, 2010 to the completed car, meeting John Force, travelling to racetracks, and also here to the factory all along the way.

What I love most about this story is that this family is very close and they built this car together and enjoy it as a family.

Family is what keeps our country great and seeing these bright young kids, with no fear and with excitement about building something with their own hands… That is just great! No video games, no Facebook… Steve teaches his kids by DOING and is a great example of a father. Tiffany is supportive wife and a great mom! These guys are a modern-day cool version of the Brady Bunch!

What a pleasure and an honor it was to have met Steve and his family, and how lucky we are to be able to share in their project!

Dave Smith