The Goode Family Build an Mk3 Roadster

Customer Ian G. from Alberta, Canada has officially graduated his Mk3 Roadster build! Ian took delivery of his Roadster in June 2006, and built the car with his two sons. They officially had their Mk3 on the road in 2010 in gel-coat with the donor car’s 5.0L enigne. They would later swap it out after a couple years to a Ford Performance 302 crate engine.

“It was built for cruisability and everyday enjoyment,” wrote Ian’s son Keelan, “so it has a sensible 350hp, 3.55 gears and will return a very reasonable 25 mpg on day trips through the mountains.”

The car was driven from 2010-2018 in gelcoat, and went in for paint which is a version of Dodge’s Inferno Red. Ian and his sons did final assembly this past summer officially graduating their build in August 2020.

Congratulations Goode family on graduating your Roadster build! Enjoy putting more miles on your Roadster this summer!