Three More Factory Fives Hit the Roads of Puerto Rico

Factory Five customer Hugo R. sent us an e-mail this morning reporting that three more Factory Five’s have been registered in Puerto Rico. Hugo registered a GTM while his friends Kenny and Joel registered a GTM and a Roadster.

Joel’s Roadster and Hugo-s GTM on their way to the DMV to be registered.

Hugo says that he is 99% done with his GTM build with the exception of some minor details. He drove it to the inspection with a 3 day permit he had registered for. While driving around, he realized his GTM was receiving an impressive amount of attention, whic he was expecting, but not to the level he was seeing. Hugo said that he has never seen so many people taking pictures and giving him thumbs up in a car compared to what the GTM was receiving.

Hugo’s friend Kenny now has a big decision to make – do I drive the GTM (above) or Hot Rod (below) around Puerto Rico today?

Hugo is in talks with a local technical college that has a weekly show on TV that reviews cars to do a segment on the GTM.

Thanks for the stoke, guys! Have fun driving around in your Factory Fives!