Customer Todd Handzlik Graduates Mk4 Roadster

Todd Handzlik’s build book has come to an end.

“Minus the final alignment and installation of the wheel spinners (this coming week), my roadster build is complete. I actually got a bit emotional while cleaning up from adding the front splash guards (essentially my last step in the process). 

I’ll miss the time in the garage, I’ll miss the reggae music that kept me company, I’ll miss the process of getting everything ready for the “next step” during the week, and I’ll miss the sense of accomplishment that comes every time that “next step” was completed. 

For everyone that helped me along the way, thank you so much. This has been the best group a junior builder could ask for. The knowledge you all were willing to share so openly has been instrumental; especially, from pro builders in this group who took time away from their busy schedule to lend a helping hand. Blown away with how quickly people responded to my questions and comments. I will definitely continue to keep that trend going and lend advice whenever possible.

Here are my build details:

Kit Order Date 10/2020

Build Start Date 3/2021

Build Complete Date 9/2022

FFR MK4 Complete Kit

3 Link rear end

18″ Halibrand Wheels

Wilwood brakes all around

BP 347 / TXK /Sniper EFI. Blueprint is an outstanding company that has been nothing short of professional. Would definitely do business with them again.

Russ Thompson turn signal, drop trunk, and throttle arm. Loved talking with this talented man and am proud to use his products.

Breeze Automotive front battery, upper and lower radiator kit, LED headlights, fuel filter/regulator single line kit (big improvement over traditional return line setup IMHO), seat mount, Koolmat insulation (best cockpit improvement I think if you can swing it), rear cockpit cubby, and side mirrors. Mark is the man and his company is perfectly named.

Smoothparts windshield mounted rear view mirror. Another outstanding gentleman I have had the pleasure to meet plus really great products.

Leather center trans cover using FF Metal aluminum

Boig cool tubes. I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Boig for a good hour just a month before he passed. Rest in peace.

GASN polished side pipes. Georgie is a true artist and the pipes are worth every penny.

Heated seats from Cobraheat

Boltless rollbar mount from 520 Speedworks. Great guy with tons of energy.

Under dash filler panel and seatbelt trim from Mike Everson. Great stuff for sure and always responsive to questions.

Precision Powdercoat Black satin powder coating on all aluminum panels

“Papa” Dave from the Factory Five forums. He’s not on FB but his build thread was the reason why I gained the confidence to start this process in the first place. Here’s a link to his page if you want to see why:…

Body and paint by Mr. Jeff Miller. Loved the fact that I lived 15 minutes away from his shop. What a great guy with incredible talent. Would highly recommend his work to anyone.

Last but not least, the Factory Five team. They all have been nothing short of outstanding to work with, up to and including Mr. Dave Smith. Times are tough for companies like this, but working with Factory Five has made this customer smile. Thank you for continuing to make this dream even possible for guys like me, (I think we all sometimes forget this last part at times).

For all still in the process, continue to have fun. Everyone was right, the building process was such a great experience. Take your time, take a breath when needed, and enjoy! You are literally building your dream and something that very few have had the pleasure to actually say that they have done. “Built not Bought” is a great feeling. Smiles on faces…”